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who watched fascinated欧亚激情偷乱人伦小说专区

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who watched fascinated欧亚激情偷乱人伦小说专区

Part 1 Buzz! Buzz! Logan's phone buzzed furiously in his pocket. Picking it up and discovered it was from Nick. Nick and Logan were best buds even though they were two years apart.The two were neighbors and had been best buds for as long as they could remember. Nick's parents just broke up sadly and Nick had to move to another neighborhood, they were still friends though. Nick was a skinny brunette, while Logan was muscular with blonde hair. It happened to be Martin Luther King Day and the two teens had the day off from school. Nick just moving into a spacious new house wanted to show Logan the new place. "Bro, you gotta come over, my house is so dope!" Nick said excitedly. Trying to sound cool. "I'll ask my parents if I can come over today, I don't think we have anything. If so I'll see you at 1 pm," Logan replied back. "Awesome bro! See you at 1!" Nick exclaimed. He hung up the phone and Logan quickly ran down the stairs to ask his parents. "Mom! Mom! Can I go to Nick's new house? He invited me over!" Logan asked excitedly. "Of course, sweetie! Just give me a minute to get my shoes on," she replied back cheerily. The two got in the car and drove 2 miles to Nicks house and Logan jumping out of the car exclaimed, "Love you mom!" Logan rang the doorbell and Nicks mother opened the door and said Hello. Logan politely talked with Nicks mother for a few minutes and she guided Logan into Nicks room, which was in a separate wing of the house. Nicks mom retreated to the kitchen where she was baking brownies. "Logan, what's up man!" Nick exclaimed. He was sitting on a bed in the corner of the room watching tv. "Nothing much, great new house. It's huge!" Logan replied. "I know right! It even came with tennis courts! What do you wanna do?" He asked. "I don't care, we could go outside and play tennis, or play video games?" Logan replied. "I just got GTA 4 and its an awesome game. We could play that but I only have one remote. We would have to switch playing? You can go first," Nick said."Ok I'm cool with that," Logan said. Nick powered up the Xbox and picked up the remote, passing it to Logan. The game quickly powered up, and Logan was soon engrossed in his game. Nick reached under his bed and grabbed a magazine. Logan was focused and didn't realize that the magazine that Nick grabbed was a playboy magazine. "Logan have you ever seen one of these magazines?" Nick said in a hushed manner. Logan paused his game and turned around and glanced at the magazine in a puzzled manner. "No Nick I haven't. What is that?" Looking at a picture of a guy with his dick inside of a blonde woman. "That's called sex, you know what that is right?" Nick asked in a surprised, whispered manner. "Oh yea, I guess we learned about that in sex ed, but I didn't know that was how you did it," he replied defensively. The young boys were looking at the big titted women on each page and were so engrossed in the pictures. "I have heard it's great! It's how they make babies. But since we are so young, we can't really have sex yet. But we can masturbate, you know what that is right?""No sorry I don't." Logan lied. He wanted to hear the real definition.Nick exclaimed a look of surprise, gawking,"Really bro? You have never jacked off?!" "I don't know what jacking off means, or any of what you are talking about" he said quietly. "Jacking off is the same as masturbating, you rub your hand up and down your dick until you cum. Do you want me to show you? I just got this new toy that you put your penis in and move up and down," Nick replied. Logan uncomfortably replied,"No it's ok," he had heard of masturbating but thought it was only for people to do alone. Nick sensed his uncomfortableness and said, "If you wanna go in the bathroom alone and do it, it's cool," Logan's thoughts were racing, unsure what to do. This was a completely unknown subject to Logan. He hesitantly said, "Sure, I'll try it, but only for a second," Nick handed him the jack off toy he had gotten and Logan made his way to the bathroom. Logan opening the door, went in, locking the door behind him. He sat down on the toilet seat and pulled down his pants. Next came his boxer briefs and he grabbed his 2 inch flaccid dick. He was cut at birth but still had quite a bit of skin, almost enough to go over the bottom of the head, being a warm day his cute little ballsack hung low. Logan realized that his dick was too small to fit in the big opening, and was really uncomfortable. He debated for a few minutes on what he should do and decided to pull up his pants and walk back into Nicks room. Another problem that Logan didn't realize until later was that he wasn't horny. "Did you do it?" Nick asked curiously still reading the magazine. "No man I don't feel com-," he was cut off by Nicks mom telling them it was time to go.Nicks mom had to go somewhere and had communicated with Logan's mom about the boys heading over to Logan's place. "You guys are going to Logan's house for a little while, so I can run some errands," she said nicely. "That's cool we can find stuff to do at Logan's house,色噜噜久久综合伊人超碰" Nick replied. They all loaded into Nicks mom's Prius and they were off. On the car ride over Logan began to get curious thoughts not realizing that he was getting horny. He promised to himself that if Nick ever put him into that position again, he would take it. The boys got out of the car and quickly went into Logan's house. They sat in the den wondering what to do."Let's play some poker!" Nick thought. "Ok sounds great!" Logan thought. He grabbed the game the boys went upstairs and set it up in his room, putting all the pieces out. The boys played for awhile and they started to get bored. Logan's mom was down cooking dinner for the boys, and she yelled that dinner was at 5:30 from the kitchen. Nick realizing that Logan was uncomfortable, slowly brought up the question, "Do you want me to show you how to jack off?"Logan nodded his head slowly. Nick whispering, "You sure man? I don't wanna make you uncomfortable,"Logan just nodded his head to confirm and Nick slowly unclipped his belt buckle, pulling the belt out. Logan and Nick sat up onto two knees so that they faced each other.He carefully unzipped his shorts, pulling out the button and dropping down his pants. All that remained were his red boxer brief underwear. He made eye contact with Logan, who watched fascinated, as Nick slowly pulled down his briefs to reveal a 5 in cut cock. The cock was slightly more tanned than Nicks body and had pretty big girth, it looked more like a toothpaste pouch rather than completely circular, and he was circumcised pretty tight. Logan stared in amazement at its size, eyes wide. "Holy shit, dude!" Logan blurted, "it's huge! Much bigger than mine!""I know right! Don't forget I'm 3 years older than you, dude," Nick replied. "I know but dam!" Logan whispered loudly. Nick began to stroke up and down his beautiful cock, going over the head and slowly rubbing the tip, saying, "This is how you masturbate," Logan watched in fascination as Nick grabbed Logan's hand and wrapped it around his dick. Logan noticed how warm Nicks dick was and how he could feel it's shaft pulsing rapidly. Nick pulled Logan's hand in an up and down motion until he got the hang of it. Logan tightened his grip on Nicks pulsing member and rubbed up and down faster. "Fuck yea, dude your good at this! Pick up the pace!" Nick grunted. Logan was pumping at a steady rhythm and Nick was grunting loudly. "Is everything ok up there?" Logan's mom asked from the bottom of the stairs, surprising the boys. Logan released his grip on Nicks warm cock and Nick quickly jumped up and went into the bathroom, clothes in hand. "Yea mom! Everything's great, just having a vigorous match of poker!" Logan replied in a high voice. "Ok sweetie!" Logan heard her walk back into the kitchen, and Nick emerged from the bathroom smiling, Logan still in the same position. "That was awesome man! You are pretty good at that for a first timer, do you want to try it now on your dick? I can help you," Nick asked. "Yeah sure dude. That would be great," Logan replied. "Alright dude, unbutton your shorts," he said quietly. Logan unclipped and unzipped the shorts, lowering them to the floor. He then pulled down his bright blue underwear to reveal a small little flaccid cock. "Nice man! It's small but you will get bigger," Nick whispered. Nick positioned Logan's hand around his own dick and started to make a jacking motion with his hand. Logan was really rubbing hard but wasn't having much success. Nick pulled Logan's hand away and grabbed Logan's dick and furiously jacked it off with haste. Nick had never touched another boys dick before and so it was a new experience for him too, he noticed that Logan was cut, but had a lot of skin that could slide over the head in each stroke. Soon enough Logan made eye contact with him, curled his toes and spurted out a little whitish liquid into Nicks hand, saying, "Shit!" Nick quickly washed off the fluid from his hand and Logan wiped up the fluid he dripped onto the floor. "What was that stuff?" Logan asked tiredly. "That's called semen, but most people call it cum. You just cummed in my hand, dude!" He said high fiving Logan. "Nick time your mom is here to pick you up!" Logan's mom yelled from downstairs."Peace out, bro!" Nick said as he was running down the stairs.TO BE CONTINUED...

“故事是非线性的欧亚激情偷乱人伦小说专区欧亚激情偷乱人伦小说专区,所以你可以选择如何书写属于你自己的故事,在这个共享的开放世界中,你可以选择探索也可以推动剧情发展。”Rod Fergusson说。


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